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MCF WPP Opthalmology Report Feb 2019

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February 16, 2019
Dr. Donna Brown of Virginia Eye Institute and her team returned to St. Vincent for the 17th annual World Pediatric Project pediatric ophthalmology mission to its partner hospital Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. The ophthalmology team traveled February 9-16, 2019 and consisted of Dr. Brown, anesthesiologist Dr. Marvin Shapiro, OR nurse Lisa Sizemore and CRNA Mary O’Hanley. Dr. Brown has been providing medical services in the region for over 20 years and continues to strengthen relationships in the region, helping WPP to provide the best quality of care. Over the years Dr. Brown has built strong working relationships with local ophthalmologists Dr. Cherrise Grant-Ledger and Dr. Orly Adams in St. Vincent, who triage and present appropriate cases for the mission week and with whom she works to provide follow up care the remainder of the year. Dr. Brown also collaborates closely with the local team throughout the surgical week, including WPP’s E.C. Medical Director Dr. Bea Datta.

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