To help those who are in need in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Mustique Island

Endowed Giving

What are endowed gifts?

Donors who choose to make endowed gifts can direct their support toward a specific purpose that matches their personal interests with the mission of Mustique Charitable Foundation to help those Vincentians who are in need. Such purposes include scholarships and healthcare initiatives. Endowed gifts may also lead to recognition opportunities, which honor or memorialize a person of the donor’s choosing. Endowed gifts fall into the following categories:

Endowment Gifts

Gifts toward endowment are put in an independent fund, and the income from the gift is directed toward a purpose selected by the donor. Only the income from the principal is expended in accordance with Mustique Charitable Foundation’s spending rule in effect from time to time, so that the gift continues in perpetuity, helping to safeguard achievement of Mustique Charitable Foundation’s mission against changing economic climates. Endowment opportunities include scholarships and healthcare initiatives. The minimum endowment gift is $100,000.

Restricted current use gifts

Restricted current use funds are directed toward a purpose designated by the donor consistent with Mustique Charitable Foundation’s mission, such as scholarships. The principal of a current use gift is depleted over a specified term.

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