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The Mustique Charitable Foundation is dedicated to helping
those who are in need in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Mustique - Colin Tennant statue

Glenconner Society Members

$100,000 or more donated or donor intent expressed over a five year period.

Tatiana and Gerret Copeland
Kathy and William Doyle
Karen and Hamish Easton
Armand G Erpf Fund Inc.
Melissa and Gregory Fleming
DS Fredericks and Eli Zabar
Lorna and Edwin Goodman
Jocelin G. Hamblett
Dee and Tommy Hilfiger
Mary Wells Lawrence
Shelly and Anthony Malkin
Peter Lynch
Bruce and Jim Murray
Sarah and Craig Richardson
The Elena and Scott Shleifer Foundation
The Stroll Family
Thomas W. Toomey
Nancy Young and Paul Ford


Donation of $25,000 or more

Anne and John Clark (Knightsgrange Foundation)
The Armand G. Erpf Fund


Donation of $10,000 – $24,999

Marie and John Evans (William C Dowling, Jr. Foundation)
Tristin and Martin Mannion (Martin J and Tristin Mannion Charitabe Trust)


Donation of $5,000 – $9,999

Maguy Le Coze
Betsey and Charlie Gifford (The Elizabeth and Charles Gifford Foundation)
Samia and Tom Morgan
Ryan Pedlow and Cameron
Terri and Chris Walker
Peter Zenneck and Troels Munk Levring


Donation of $2,500 – $4,999

Marqeux and Jack Agresta
Virginia and Thomas Collier (The Comegys Bidgt Charitable Foundation)


Donation of $1,000 – $2,499

Kathryn Lachelt Brown and Charles A Brown III
James Burn
Kathy and Gregory Carey
Margaret Douglas-Hamilton
Susan and Dustin Gross
Jeanette Gugelmann
Mick Jagger
Anne Beverly and Freeman Jones (Anne B McCormack Foundation)
Nora and Jack Kerr (John J. Kerr, Jr. and Nora Wren Kerr Charitable Fund)
Laureen and Ragnar Knutsen
George Loening
Amelia McCarthy and Andrew Carlson (The 1156 Foundation)
Vanessa Neumann
Monica and Walter Noel (Walter and Noel Family Foundation)
Lyn and Glenn Reiter
Karen Rubey Devlin and Mark Devlin
Jane-Ashley and Peter Skinner
Rebecca and Alan Smith
Holly and Geoffrey Snodgrass
Zibby and James Tozer (Trio Foundation)
Lydia and Dock Williams


Donation of $250 – $999

Brooks Bell and and Jesse Lipson
Jud and Angelique Bowman
Patricia and David Braga
Claire and Bruce Bronster
Bertrand Buchin and Marc Scarduffa
Kevin Carski, Ryan Bailey and Debbie Carski
Mary Ann Casati and Geoff Judge (Trio Foundation)
Bonnie and Daniel Dunn
Ronald and Sasha Ellis
Lisa and Christopher Errico
Hunter Ford
Jack R Kennedy
Victoria King
Max Kleiner
Heather Plester and Robin Mackay
Merrily Anne Rees
Victoria Reese and Greg Kennedy
Susan Sommer Schweitzman
Vivian and John Spencer
James Sutterby and Frances Ronan-Sutterby
Andrea Tennant
Marianne Tesler
Deborah van Eck and Daniel Blanc
Kathleen Way and Robert Molley
Isabelle Winkler
Frank Wisneski and Lynn Dale
Peter Young and Merit Janow